Saturday, April 17, 2010

Building the uber-J. Part Six.

Starts looking like a bass, doesn't it?

Here is what is happening on uber-J front. The body is almost done - neck joint being the most visible exception. I'll shape that once the neck it done.

I don't know what you think, folks. But I just love the way the curves on the side show the core wood underneath.

I was a little nervous when I started shaving off the top wood from the sides. If it turned out a lemon I would have spoiled a great looking top. But I had it so clear in my mind and I so wanted to give it a try... I hope you'll also see what i see. To me, those little curves just sum up beautifully what the classic Fender design is all about. Yeah, Yeah, it's bragging time... ;)

Anyway, these are the above mentioned curves. I might need to just sand the body a little more before spraying it. Also, I have to polish the pick-up recess and neck joint that are still a bit rough.

I have also sanded the back and further shaped the two horns. All these shaving and sanding took me about six hours. I had to do almost everything by hand as many corners couldn't be safely reached otherwise. I actually like it and somehow prefer it to using machinery. It's a great way of finding the lines and feeling them under your fingers.

Next week I should be able to dedicate a couple of solid days to gluing the fingerboard, finishing neck, headstock and neck joint and routing the electronics' recess . If all goes fine, I should be ready to spray by week end. I have some wild ideas for the neck and for the finishing, so stay tuned.

ps: I do hope the groovy backgrounds I found for these pictures didn't go unnoticed :)